Small business owners don’t have the luxury of full in-house marketing teams and inside knowledge. It’s not surprising that most of them are intimidated and baffled by the world of digital marketing. Modern marketing techniques are very sophisticated and involve a number of tools and techniques.

However, you don’t need to be intimidated by this field; because if you’re aware of the latest trends and techniques, you can keep up with your competitors and stay ahead of the game. The marketing trends listed below are easy to implement and would lead to significant conversions and revenue.

  • Forget B2B and B2C – When you market something, you’re marketing it to a human being. If you keep that in mind, you can create ad campaigns and marketing strategies that really strike the chord and connect with your target audience.

If you manage to connect with your prospective customers on an emotional level, your ad campaign will be much more successful. As a small business owner, it’s vital to make appealing ads and campaigns, because you can only invest limited amounts on your marketing. You need to make every ad count.

  • Personalization is a Must – Personalization can change the tone of your communication with your prospective and current customers. When you address your customers by name, you immediately establish a casual connection and gain their attention. Your content is more likely to be read and taken seriously. You should include your target audience’s name in your email marketing content and address them as you would speak with them.
  • Downloadable Content – Downloadable content over social media and blogs will help you reach your target audience in a sure and much more effective manner. It’s easy for blog posts and articles to get lost in the rush of content on social media and blogs.

However, downloadable content like e-books, audio-books, etc, will stay in the device memory of users, for a long time unless they delete it. Creating downloadable content can take some time but once you do, it provides results for many years.

  • Fan Community – Customers tend to become loyal to a brand and develop a fan community. This community can advocate your products and services over social media and other such platforms and draw more prospective customers in; so it’s a good idea to cultivate such a community.

Digital marketing isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and some techniques are fairly easy to implement. If you include these trends into your marketing strategy, you’ll see a marked improvement in the results.




Rahe Riazi

Founder & CEO of Copperblu Media. When not working tirelessly to grow client’s businesses, Rahe enjoys traveling, boating, working on his terrible golf game and spending time with his wife and Boston Terrier.

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