Tired of throwing money out the window? We can help.


Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC for short, is an incredibly efficient method of advertising. Traditional advertising, like print or billboards, is expensive but it does provide a lot of exposure. Think of a billboard on the side of a busy highway. Thousands of people see it every day, but how many of those people are your potential customer?

The problem with traditional advertising is you’re paying for wasted impressions on people who have no interest in your product or service. Now imagine you can show your ad to a highly targeted group who are likely to be your ideal customer and you only pay for the ad when they click or engage? Welcome to PPC advertising.


Often times businesses try to do PPC in house “on the side” and it almost never works. They throw a few hundred or a few thousand dollars at a few rushed campaigns for a couple weeks, see no results and then swear it off as something that doesn’t work. Anyone can use PPC platforms like Google AdWords. There is no barrier to entry and you be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

There is no magic or “secret sauce” with PPC, but it is a skill and like any skill it takes practice, repetition and experience to do it well. Most business owners find that they don’t have the time or expertise to run a successful PPC campaign and choose to work with an agency. We’re Google and Bing certified professionals who live and breathe PPC every day.


Your ads are shown to people actively searching and ready to buy. Bids are placed on keywords and if a search query matches your keywords your ad will show. If your ad is clicked, you pay a small amount to the search engine. We constantly monitor and optimize your campaign, adjust bids, and cut low performing keywords.


Facebook is a powerhouse with nearly two billion monthly active users. The sheer volume of active users combined with extremely robust targeting options profived for a great solution for businesses. Facebook also owns Instagram, which is another great option depending on your specific target demo.


Mobile ads are great for targeting people near your business or for businesses that serve people with immediate or time sensitive needs like emergency repair or lockout services. We’ll also make sure your website and landing pages are optimized for mobile to maximize mobile conversions.


Display ads are ideal for brand awareness or keeping your brand front and center in your customers’ minds. The key is creating visually interesting ads and using precice targeting to get the ads infront of your target audience at the right time.


Video ads are becoming increasingly popular. As attention spans get shorter, video offers a exciting and quick way to share your message and engage with your audience. Video ads that are unique and well made is very sharable, helping you get even more exposure!


Retargeting, also known as remarketing, allows you to get infront of previous visitors to your site who didn’t convert. A “cookie” will be placed onto their browser and when they visit other sites or use social media, custom ads will be shown to lure them back to your site.


LinkedIn is all about B2B marketing. LinkedIn ads allow you to get in front of key decision makers to market your product or service. LinkedIn has a number of targeting options to make sure your message is being sent to your ideal audience.



Done well, PPC campaigns can be highly profitable. When they are not set up well, they can burn cash really quickly. It’s important to spent the time and attention needed to make a campaign successful. We are constantly monitoring and optimizing campaigns to get the best possible results. We optimize our clients’ PPC accounts weekly. We run multivariate tests to determine the best ad copy, keywords and creative to make sure your ads are performing at their best. What does this mean for you? More leads and more sales. Our way is significantly more work than the “set it and forget” methods others use, but we’re committed to getting you the best results possible.


Most people think that PPC ads are all about driving traffic to your website, but that’s only part of the equation. Traffic alone is not going to help you – you need traffic that converts. What is a conversion? It may be a sale, a call, a form fill, whatever it is that you want your traffic to do. Having them come to your site is great, but how are you turning that traffic into sales? Your landing page needs to be designed for conversions with a compelling message and a great on-site experience. In addition to running tests on your ads, we also run A/B tests on your landing page to make sure we are not only increasing the traffic, but increasing the conversions too!


So how will you know how your ads are performing? We believe you deserve to know what’s going on. That’s why each of our clients has a custom dashboard where they can view the details of their account in real time. Additionally, we’ll send you a monthly report showing the results for the month and the plan going forward. As always, we are happy to explain in detail what everything means so you’re in the loop. No gimmicks. No games. Just great results!